At Waymire Studio you will discover “truth in art”. You won’t find the “bells and whistles”. We don’t view ourselves as a business. We are a provider of services to anyone who is interested in learning about and experiencing personal growth through the performing arts. Our goal is to educate the public, particularly actors, on the joys of working in this noble profession we call “Acting”.

“Word on the Street”

“the besttest teecher I ever had” (sic) …Jim Robertson

“Thank you for helping me be a better person! I love your classes and love everything about you. You truly inspire me!” – Cyndi Gustin Senovic Herring

“I took Linda Waymire’s class, Gut Reacting™. I look forward to advancing my acting skill under the direction of the ever talented, Linda Waymire.” – Tim Richards

“You are such a joy to work with – so much positive energy that I looked forward to class every week and hated to miss even one! I can see why Tim thinks so highly of you. I will be back!!” – Mary Wright

“Linda,I just want to thank you. I went to an audition today, I can tell you with your marvelous training I did book the gig. I applied everything you taught me connecting with my scene partner, improvisation, who, where, relationship, emotion, what the conflict was…a beginning, middle and an end….Without you I would not have the tools to book the film. I cannot wait to take another class. You are awesome! Love you.” – Suzanne McGown Brown, Student

“Linda Waymire changed my life. In particular, her GutReacting™ class dramatically changed me as an actor and as a human being. There are no words to explain just how invaluable the things she lovingly taught me are. Things like connection, being present, and acting BEFORE I think just to name a few. All in an atmosphere that is fun and safe. I have taken GR seven times and I look forward to taking it again.” – Aaron Seever, Student

“I have studied with Linda for a few years now… She took me on as a student knowing nothing and has helped me grow as an actress and human being. To say that you learn about yourself is an understatement, and that is where Linda and the other instructors at Waymire Studio for the Performing Arts come in… They don’t simply drive these things out of you, they teach you how to use them and to better yourself in the process! Linda is a very gracious woman, caring beyond belief, and ultra talented as an instructor/director. I have studied at various other studios and have always come “home” to Waymire Studio… It is a warm, welcoming place where everyone is just as important as the people sitting next to them, no matter talent level. Linda has got something special about her, no matter what is going on in her life she is there for whatever her students need! Everyone loved Elaine Stein, she was such a lovely little spit fire of a woman… well, meet the woman she trusted and loved, Linda Waymire!!!” – Ashley Grubbs, Student

“Linda, of Waymire Studio has a heart of gold, and really works on bringing out the most in every student, finds their weakness and works on turning it into a solid piece of work. The work is tough (just like any job) but the classes are knowledgable,informative and fun. Thank you Linda.” – Tim Valdisera, Student

“I have taken acting classes before but it wasn’t until I came to Waymire Studio that I was able to overcome my stage fright and confidence issues. Linda loves and cares about her students and gives each one of us that personal touch, maybe that’s the difference some of us need. The environment is one of family and friends and I would always look forward to class and all the camaraderie and fun each week. And best of all, Linda’s feedback is always honest and productive. She won’t just tell you what you want to hear. If you want real growth in your skill level by someone who cares, take a GutReacting™ class and get your feet wet. You won’t regret it!” – Janie Kristy Barnes, Student

“Every class at Waymire Studio will assist you in transforming into a complete actor. Linda creates an environment that will push you mentally and allow an open, supportive arena to explore in. Waymire Studio will provide you with an extensive network that is an essential resource for actors. Putting yourself out there in performance activities is extremely difficult, finding people that you can completely trust is invaluable. Waymire Studio accomplishes this while providing exceptional instruction.” – Patrick Cramer, Student

“I have had amazing opportunities to attend classes in Meisner, GutReacting™ and scene study. I can’t begin to explain how this has broadened my artistic mind and help me enhance my passion for the arts. I will always thank you Linda.” – Jim Robertson, Student

“Linda Waymire’s energy and deep personal attention to her students is unmatched anywhere else in the Valley.” – Heather Gottlieb, Student

“It was a great pleasure to work with you! I appreciate your honesty and exceptional teaching skills. Plus, you were not only dedicated to the craft but also to your customer. Thanks so much!” – Kia Borst, Student

“You’re awesome.” – Lawrence Wolfe, Student

“Linda Waymire, of Waymire Studio for the Performing Arts, is an extraordinary person, a talented artist and is a gifted acting coach. She is not only talented as a teacher but also as a hynotherapist. She is a lady who possesses raw talent that surpasses many other creative people in her industry and she is a gift sent from Heaven.” – Sally Ann Francis, Student

“I saw Linda after many attempts with doctors and other professionals to help with insomnia. There are very few people I’ve encountered in my life the the level of care, compassion and deep understanding that Linda has. If fact, she had the most. I knew I’d met an angel on earth, what was interesting is she made me feel like I was an angel too! What a gift and blessing!” – Lisa Workman, Actress / Hypnotherapy Client

“As a fellow student of Waymire Studio I received and learned some awesome techniques that helped me come out of my comfort zone as an acting performer. Linda’s heart for people to be the best that they can be is what helped me when I started taking her class. I hope to be able to take more of her classes in the future. – Janet Schrey, Student

“Waymire Studios has been instrumental in helping my company cast numerous film & TV projects, over the years, and has continuously been able to deliver the type of talent I am looking for every time. I would highly recommend any classes Waymire Studios has to offer.” …Helen McCready, C.S,A. – HELEN McCREADY CASTING

“Linda is a consummate professional who creates a safe and fun learning environment for her students. Her years as a performer give her the edge and students benefit from that experience.” – Faith Hibbs-Clark, C.S.A. – GOOD FAITH CASTING

“Waymire is not just a studio, it’s a family. I have learned so much about myself and my craft and am continuously inspired by my instructors, Linda Waymire, Cavin Schneider, and Karen Lewsader. These talented people are so caring and supportive, both in and outside of class. The method of teaching here is essential to very performer, regardless of their level of experience.” – Dave Davenport, Student

“The importance in knowing the nuts & bolts of a trade is essential, whatever the trade may be. But, being able to interject our emotions, our gut reactions, meshing that into our work makes the dynamics at the end far more effective. I learned from Linda and other instructors within the group how to take what I have inside and using it to give life to words. Instruction was professional; we worked hard, shed tears, laughed and walked away with a renewed spirit. Linda loves and respects the Arts and this is reflected in all she is involved in. Now on a lighter note, it was always a blast…..and Linda was able to instruct even ME!” – Susie Reigle Bonney, Student

“Linda is very inspiring and has valuable info to share with her students. She has benefited me with loving, positive input that affected me as an actor, teacher and human being.” – Alexandria Stevens, Student / Instructor

“Waymire studios had completely opened my mind to a world of possibilities I had never thought possible before, if you are serious about learning this craft, this is the place you need to be.” – Jeremy Schwartz, Student

“Linda is not only an excellent coach, but also a student. She keeps herself updated with classes, seminars, books, new techniques, etc. She translates her experience, knowledge and education into the classroom with sensitivity and heart. She treats her students with respect and professionalism, no matter their age. Thanks to her, I’ve learned not only how to become a better actor, but to have self confidence and believe in my talent.” – Shania Severs, Student

“I have taken several classes at Waymire Studios with Linda and can say my experience has always been excellent. Being in an environment that not only teaches you about acting but also embraces you with love and support is something I think everyone needs. The amount of stomach hurting laughter I have released at Waymire coupled with a real connection with the class has been a sure fire confidence booster to say the least. I highly recommend Waymire Studios to anyone.” – Todd Burt, Student

Waymire Studios is a place of transformation. I have seen profound changes in adults and teens who have studied under both Linda Waymire and the teachers she hand selects. Many of her students who started her classes as shy and self-conscious individuals have evolved into confident people aware of their unique abilities and eager to use them. Linda teaches methods that professional actors turn to throughout their careers and that empower non-actors to live their lives more fully present. As a playwright I have no desire to be on stage myself, however, the improv classes that I took at Waymire Studios expanded my creativity and spontaneity which is a plus in any career. – Lindy Schneider, Author, Illustrator, Public Speaker, Playwright, Student