I’d like to introduce you to the best team anyone could have brought together. Waymire Studio Directors are quality individuals who volunteer their time to make magic happen for many of our students and friends. They are the unsung heroes people often speak of. Waymire Studio began with a dream and was made possible by Rick Waymire, who believed in what we do. Without him, there would be no Waymire Studio. Since his passing, this amazing team of directors has helped keep our studio afloat with their time, talent and treasure. I am blessed to have had these wonderful people in my life during a tragedy, and continue to be blessed as they’ve given so selflessly – during good times and bad. The studio directors are truly the heart of Waymire Studio and I am eternally grateful for each and every one.

And saving the best for last, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has directed my path every step of the way.  The only time I truly struggle is when I decide to take the wheel of this thing called life and drive it myself.  So it’s best left in His Hands.  Thank you, Jesus!    John 3:16 

Linda Waymire

Linda Waymire – Executive Director – Instructor

Linda is the owner/founder of Waymire Studio. She has combined her expertise in the performing and healing arts to share with students her philosophy of “holistic” acting. Her knowledge of the arts, performing and healing, has given her the opportunity to offer a wide range of classes for all ages. “There is so much to teach and even more to learn.” Linda’s philosophy is that we must all be constantly learning and training, including the trainers. She remains true to her commitment of excellence and continues to provide instructors who share in the same philosophy of lifelong learning. She has also developed and Trademarked her GUT REACTING ™ class. “There was a time when Stanislavski’s technique was groundbreaking. I don’t believe we’ve discovered all there is to discover about acting as we have not discovered all there is to know about our universe. We need to always be thinking outside the box. I believe in rules, of course. But sometimes rules are made to be broken.” …She says with a smile.  “The only thing I know without a doubt”, she says, “is that I don’t know everything there is to know.”  I suppose that says it all. Linda holds a PhD in the liberal arts (“Esoteric Studies”) and though she’s had a successful career as an acting instructor, mentor and studio owner, she’ll often jokingly ask, “Would you like fries with that?”.  As she says, most of what she has learned has come from simply “living life to the fullest and always finding reasons to laugh”.  She’ll be the first to laugh at herself.  AND she’ll be the first to tell you that she provides herself plenty of material on a daily basis!  Sometimes getting older has its benefits.  However, her philosophy remains: “Growing up isn’t a requirement.  It’s overrated.”  


Al “Mo” Hubbard – Managing Director

Al has recently retired from activities at Waymire Studio.  However he is never far from our thoughts.  Al had been our “go to” guy for anything we needed at the studio and he was truly the “brains” of the outfit for a long time  He is now enjoying his great grandson with his better have and the gal who keeps him in line, Carol.  With the changes in our country that had left us with so many limitations, we haven’t had a chance to hang out as much, but we’re hoping to have them back in the studio before long.  We’re grateful for their many years of service.  Thank you Carol and “Mo” for all you’ve done for us and for keeping the studio going through the tough times.  

Amber Ryan – Director

Amber Ryan…mother, wife, daughter, business owner, friend, sister, survivor, actor, improviser, hair stylist, team player, perfectionist, manager, student, teacher, dreamer, leader, chocoholic, giver, lover, Cubs fan, Hockey fan, winner, performer,
listener, believer, achiever, extraordinaire, loner, crier, risk taker and Volunteer Coordinator…truly a woman of many hats. Amber developed a love for the performing arts at an early age. She also believes in the power of giving back to the community. In 2004, she organized an event that raised over $20,000 for local charities. She is inspired by this opportunity she has been given at Waymire Studio. “When you can take something you love” doing, your own personal passion, and then use it to touch the life of someone else…that is a beautiful thing.” Amber has become one of Waymire Studio’s MVP’s, and has directed several plays. She works with children, mentoring and inspiring them. Waymire Studio is proud to call her one of our own!  Amber is now a Director and has gone on to direct and win awards throughout the Phoenix area.  So proud of our girl! 

Cavin Gray – Director

Cavin Gray Schneider has been on TV, in commercials, and on the big screen.  He performs improv comedy in front of hundreds of people at a time.  He has produced over 50 Walmart commercials, produced the behind-the-scenes and media packages for two feature films and created countless videos over the years. He is a business owner at All Together Gray and the Lead Creative Services Specialist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. On top of that, and the reason for everything he does, he’s married to his beautiful wife and they have the two best kids in the world.  Well, his youngest seems to be a mini Cavin so we’ll see how that turns out. Seriously, they are the greatest kids and if Gunner turns out to be like daddy, he’ll be a great young man!  


We’ll soon be introducing yet another director to Waymire Studio.  New and exciting things coming soon!  Stay tuned! 


In Memoriam

Rick Waymire and Elayne Stein

Love is like a butterfly; it goes where it pleases and pleases wherever it goes.

As you danced in the light with joy, love lifted you. As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us.

Rick Waymire and Elayne Stein… They made a difference!

“I am grateful for having been blessed with the gift of these two wonderful people. Without Rick, there would be no Waymire Studio. He was, and remains, my inspiration – to be all that I can be. When I didn’t believe in me, he believed for me. When I had a dream he was the first to encourage me and give me the tools and inspiration I needed to follow and achieve it. I’ve never met a man who was loved and respected by so many people in so many walks of life. I’ve not met a man, other than my “daddy”, who loved so unconditionally and gave so much of his heart so that others could live in peace and harmony. Rick was one of a kind and generous beyond belief.

When I decided I wanted to teach and believed that I had the capabilities, Elayne Stein opened her doors, invited me in, encouraged me and said, “Take what you need to get started.” I can’t imagine another person in our industry who would have opened that door for me in such a trusting and generous manner. As she prepared me to take over the “Elayne Stein” classes once she retired, I would spend hours upon hours – discussing the business and other related matters. More importantly, though, were the discussions about life itself. Elayne became my mentor, friend and confidant. I learned more about life than about acting, after class, in those late night / early morning hours between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. I am blessed and honored to have been able to share stories and learn so much from such a vibrant and talented lady.

Rick Waymire and Elayne Stein will forever remain DIRECTORS at Waymire Studio. It was their love, vision, trust and generosity that made our mission possible. It is because of them that we continue to “Touch one life at a time through the Arts” .

Rick Waymire and Elayne Stein – You are missed. You are forever loved.”