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6 Mondays 

Starts in September 12th, 2022
Mondays 6:30pm – *8:30pm (*Some nights MAY go later)

8 Students Max

GUT REACTING™ Only at Waymire Studio
Linda Waymire, Instructor

***This is a 4-part series. There are 6 class sessions in each series. Students are not required to take the entire series.  However, it is highly recommended.  Each part is sold separately. 

This is an adult class for 17* and over.
*Younger with studio approval and signed parental approval

Note: There may be adult subject matter and/or language in the workshop.

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Class is at Glendale Location north of 45th Avenue and Union Hills


GUT REACTING™ is a unique technique styled to bring out the best performances in actors at every level and medium. Classes will focus on Trust, Connection and Communication. Students will use various GUT REACTING™ tools and exercises to reach a deeper level of understanding of their characters and to get “in the moment” quicker than ever. Unlike traditional improvisation or scene study, this class is not only a method moving actors to think on their feet, but to feel and connect completely using the “whole actor concept”. The goal is to bring into alignment the heart, mind and spirit while guiding students to reach a deeper level of emotion within themselves, and a higher degree of connection with their scene partners. This class is recommended for anyone – not only actors – who have a desire for a deeper level of communication with everyone they encounter. (Perfect for teachers, attorneys, doctors, parents, directors, etc.) As with all of the classes we offer at Waymire Studio, it is fun and informative and offered in a safe and nurturing environment.
GUT REACTING™ is Waymire Studio’s Signature Class and great for actors and non-actors alike.

***We will be doing a 4-part series consisting of 6 class sessions each. 

6 Weeks Glendale Location
Location Details and Directions
Available upon registration
(45th Avenue north of Union Hills)

Sedona Summer Intensives will be available in 2023.  Stay tuned!

INTENSIVES: Same great class packed into 2 days of fun filled, intensive training! Become a subscriber and be the first to be notified. There will be early registration discounts and you don’t want to miss it!  The 6-week class is a prerequisite.  (There will be some exceptions made on a case-by-case basis)

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Note: There are no refunds on any GUT REACTING™ classes or workshops