6 Week Dialect Intensive

British RP** – May 28th and June 4th

Irish – June 11th and June 18th

Scottish – June 25th and July 2nd

All 6 weeks $225*
(*Call for info on cash discounts)

You may purchase all 6 weeks or individual dialects. (British RP, Irish or Scottish)

1 Dialect  / $90*
2 Dialects/$165*
All Three $225*

(*Call or text to get discount information 602-402-7740)


Thursdays beginning May 28th. 

6 Weeks, 7 – 9 pm

We are happy to again welcome ROSS NELSON, dialectician and historian extraordinaire!
Ross will be conducting a series of workshops for various accents and dialects.

*Ages 14 through 99
*Younger than 14 and over 99 with instructor approval

6 Week
Dialect Intensive

  • British RP**
  • Irish
  • Scottish
We will be starting with the very proper English “received pronunciation” (RP**) accent.
We will then move to Ireland and Scotland 
Each class will meet once a week for two hours.
Class size is limited so register early!!!

*Only interested in one dialect?  We have options for you!
Call for details:  602.402.7740

Preparing for an upcoming audition or show?  Need a specific dialect or accent?
Mr. Nelson is available for Private Lessons.

Call for info: 602.402.7740
Email for info: algproductions@cox.net

**RP is a pronunciation of British English, originally based on the speech of the upper class of southeastern England and characteristic of the English spoken at private boarding schools and at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Until the late 1900s, it was the standard form of English used in British broadcasting. Also called Received Standard.

Future Dialects and Accents to include
French, Italian, German, Australian, Spanish (Spain), Russian, Swedish
 including various other American and British dialects.
Mr. Nelson also does private lessons which cover all of the above and more!