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Scottsdale, Arizona

Dates and Times TBD

Must be at least 18 to register.
(Younger by approval only - parent/instructor consultation required)

Registration Includes Snacks and Light Lunch both days (Sat/Sun)

Scenes will range from 10 – 20 minutes in length.  Scenes will be from plays written by some of the greatest playwrights of our time.  Students will be REQUIRED to either purchase the play, get it from the library, or borrow from our studio if we have it available.  Entire play MUST be read for Script and Character Analysis.  (Once registered I’ll be sending out information on how and what to prepare in advance.)

Scenes will be assigned upon registration if you register with a scene partner. This is NOT an EASY workshop and you WILL have to begin work AT LEAST a couple of weeks before class begins. Registration will close one week before the workshop but we HIGHLY recommend you NOT wait that long in order to receive the highest benefit from this intensive weekend.

Class will run from 9am - 6pm both days UNLESS more time is needed. There will be a 90 minute lunch break (apx 12:30 – 2pm) that may be used to go to lunch or bring a lunch and use the time to work your scenes on your own on location. Tuition for the workshop will be $200 per person or $300 per couple "partner rate" ("Couple" meaning "scene partners".) We’ll hold this special partner rate through May 15th.  (Partner rate expires May 15th at midnight.)

Once you are registered and have a scene partner (whether we assign or you sign up together) you will be issued your scene and can start memorizing and rehearsing. EVERYONE will be expected to be OFF BOOK on day one (June 6). NO EXCEPTIONS. This is an INTENSIVE MASTER CLASS. You don't need to have had a tremendous amount of experience but you MUST have heart and the will to work hard and succeed! We'd rather have a hard working "novice" than a "slackin' pro".

For those of you who have taken the regular Master Class, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."  We’ll take no prisoners. You've been warned! Are you up to it???  

We will start promptly at 9 each day and hopefully end by 6pm. There will be NO TIME for chit chatting in this workshop.  This is a WORKING WEEKEND.  Rehearsal time will be available on site on Saturday June 6th until 9 pm. 

Questions? EMAIL Linda at algproductions@cox.net

Registration is now closed.  If you are registered "on paper" and still need to make payments, you may click on this link for 3 payment option.  THREE PAYMENT OPTION